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Projects and Activities
Any project to fulfill its aims and objectives will be planned, prepared and executed according to the decision of the Board of Directors. Project implementation and impact assessment will be carried out for each project. The foundation will primarily focus on community development activities.

LifeSouth Blood Donation Drive held in Auburn, AL, USA on April 2, 2011

NASeA supported participatory sanitation/latrine project - Ongoing
The project was implemented through a participatory approach. The parents, teachers and students (PTS) in the area of the respective schools would be responsible for the project. To plan for this project, the PadmaDal Smriti Pratisthan (PSP) worked in close cooperation with the school management committees (SMC) plus the PTS. Consequently, the PSP envisioned constructing two-in-one latrines (one for boys and one for girls) in each selected school with a tri-partisan approach.
The function of the project was to provide financial support to procure construction materials that couldn’t be made available locally and wages for the carpenters. The funds were used to procure and transport materials (roofing; sheet/stone, iron nails, cement, sand, making pans, windows, doors, locks, carpenters’ wages, and signboard). The PTS would be accountable for land, labor, local materials, and management. The budget was calculated in consultation with the PTS and the SMC.
Latrine constructed at Sisneri School, Sisneri VDC, Okhaldhunga Latrine constructed at Gope School, Phediguth VDC
Latrine constructed at Gartigaon School, Phediguth VDC Latrine constructed at Chilaune School, Phediguth VDC

Charity sale in Auburn, AL on July 31, 2009

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